1. Starting out: Why Train Your Dog?

Welcome to this new adventure of mine! Please read the information pages in the menu on the right. We might call this blog “Dog Training For People With Short Attention Spans”. I’ll try to keep these posts short and to the point. So…the first point:

Why Train Your Dog? Here are 3 big reasons:

  1. For Safety: Let’s keep your dog alive and safe, and keep everyone who interacts with your dog alive and safe as well.
  2. To bond with your dog. Establishing this bond is part of why you wanted a dog. Training helps increase the likelihood that your dog will look to you for guidance, and decrease the likelihood that your dog will just blow you off in any situation.
  3. A well-behaved dog can be included in more of your life, and go more places with you. The dog will be happier…you’ll be happier….what’s not to like? After all, wouldn’t you like a dog who could go everywhere with you?


All of these motives are supported when you use humane dog training. Instead of tugging and pulling your dog, and yelling at him when he doesn’t get with the program, humane training is fun for both the human and the dog. “Training” becomes “game-playing for rewards” for the dog, and you’ll be laughing at his attempts to earn treats rather than yelling at him and frowning.

Okay, first post complete! Stay tuned for more short and sweet concepts!!


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