Disclaimer: IMPORTANT!

In the dog training world, every good author or video presenter will issue this disclaimer. Since I’m not really even a dog trainer, this is even more important in the case of this blog:

Consult with a living breathing professional if there’s any chance that your dog could do harm to you, other humans, or other animals, or that you could do harm to the dog. Dogs, on the whole, are extremely benevolent to the human race, considering the level of weaponry with which they’re equipped. Any dog, given certain circumstances, will bite. I would hope that this blog steers you farther and farther away from those circumstances, but you must always err on the side of safety.

I would add that, if you do consult with a trainer or behaviorist, look for someone who uses humane training techniques. The term “Positive Reinforcement”, while a great over-simplification, often denotes this kind of trainer. The most important thing is that you’re not asked to use any techniques that you wouldn’t want used on you if you were a dog. I’ll write more about this in the blog.