My two favorite authorities on dog training and behavior:

For those of you in the Philly area, I can strongly recommend my trainer, Leigh Siegfried, and her organization, “Opportunity Barks“. She has a great store of knowledge and experience, and a very down-to-earth attitude.

Both of the above authors also have multiple DVD and book products available. In addition, I’ll be adding many more names to this list of wonderful, humane experts.

Tawzer Video – If you’re really serious about studying from the experts, Tawzer sells DVDs on dog behavior and training,  and has an On Demand portal as well. Their resources were instrumental in helping me find solutions for Suki’s training.

All of the people below are expert trainers and teachers. If you’re not quite ready for Tawzer, you may still find lots of good stuff on them by searching Youtube and reading their books.

  • Jean Donaldson – Author of The Culture Clash, an excellent book on understanding dog training, and creator of the Academy For Dog Trainers.
  • Sue Sternberg – One of the leading figures in the training of dog rescue workers.
  • Patricia McConnell – Author of The Other End Of The Leash, another great book on how humans interact with dogs, a Ph.D, and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist.
  • Kathy Sdao – Another Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and long time trainer of marine mammals.
  • Emily Larlham – Known on Youtube for her “Kikopup” training videos, you can find short instructionals there for many problems.
  • Ken Ramirez – Animal Care & Training Advisor, Shedd Aquarium, and clicker training expert.
  • Karen Pryor – Author of “Don’t Shoot The Dog”, one of the most influential books about learning theory, and one of the pioneers of Clicker Training.