Why This Blog?

After 30 years of owning very good natured and trainable Australian Kelpies, my wife and I adopted Suki, a Cattle Dog crossbreed with several serious behavioral quirks.


It became clear that I’d need to put a lot of study and work into this relationship, and I spent the next 3 years working with a good trainer, and immersing myself in dozens of books and DVDs on humane dog training. Suki became a much better, if imperfect, citizen, and I learned a lot about dog behavior.

suki-rol-10-13-15 copy

Now, when I have a friend who gets a dog, I want to send them to the work of the great trainers I’ve studied, but I’ve come to realize that most people aren’t willing to read 3 dozen books and watch hundreds of hours of DVDs. Because I’m an experienced teacher with a reputation for effectively presenting complex topics in an understandable fashion, I’m starting this blog. I’m not a dog trainer; just a guy, with a dog, who might be able to help people understand what good dog trainers are talking about, and maybe direct readers to useful resources.


4 thoughts on “Why This Blog?

  1. Looking forward to hearing more Rolly. Our girl is a corgi/cattle dog mix and has been a challenge during the 16 years she has been with us. However, we love her dearly and have taking a liking to working dogs and will likely have another one when she leaves us.


  2. We’ve had a mixed breed rescue for six years now and always interested in learning new ways to help her. Shes akita-chow-red healer. Look forward to teading you blog..


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